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The gleeful chatter of countless species of birds (including multiple varieties of Barbets, Orioles, Parrots, Woodpeckers, Doves, Drongos and Flycatchers), greet the dawn that washes over Horathapola in soft, golden hues. The huge, immaculately manicured garden extends into the plantation, where pepper, cashew, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, lemongrass (and many more herbs and spices) are grown organically. Neatly planted rows of organic coconut, jackfruit, sour sap, tamarind, mango, and guava flourish on the estate, while our very own rice paddy skirts the periphery. An early morning walk along the maze of trails that run across the estate is a great way to shake off some jetlag or just to immerse in the remote greenery that much of rural Sri Lanka is comprised of. You could even ‘pluck’ your own fruit platter for breakfast!

On warm days (and Sri Lanka has no shortage of those!), our salt-water pool is an ideal refuge. Find a shady alcove under the trees to retreat into with a book, or just to nap outdoors. For a bit more indulgence, pop some bubbly and hop into the Jacuzzi!

We’ve found that the long gap between lunch and dinner can be irksome for foodies. So, in true colonial style, afternoon tea is a celebrated event at Horathapola. From homemade cheesecake with a pot of organic tea, to a chilled brew to go with out our signature ‘cheese-toast’, our kitchen takes meals seriously. In fact, those morning walks would be essential considering what our chef has in store for you!